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Web content creation

A web agency with expertise in Internet communication has as its main mission the support of clients in the creation and promotion of websites. It brings together web design skills and web development techniques. To promote websites on the Internet, like the example of the Loisirs Enfant website, our digital communication agency has specific channels: social networks, SEM, SEO, e-mailing?

personalized webdesign

A customised and personalized webdesign for your website

Unique and attractive design

Créer un site internet professionnel au design intuitif, unique, compatible avec le support et surtout attractif. Grâce à une conception soignée, le site Parents Heureux offre une expérience utilisateur simple, agréable, pratique et intuitive. Un Webdesign par des experts donne envie aux internautes de visiter la plateforme et de revenir.

  • Website optimised for Google referencing
  • Attracting prospects
  • Strengthening customer relations
  • Tailor-made and budget-conscious solutions
  • Ensuring online presence
  • Gaining visibility
Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation: an international perspective

Effective strategy


Referencing of multilingual websites

The main language of an Internet portal is a tiny part of the referencing of a multilingual website. It will be necessary to use hreflang or language attribute to achieve international referencing.


Domain name by country

Examples of regional geographical extensions include the European Union domain extension EU, the United Kingdom domain extension CO.UK, the associated Dutch extension NL and the official Spanish extension ES.

seo strategy
Digital marketing

Digital marketing: an effective and successful strategy!

Digital marketing strategy

E-mail marketing


E-mail marketing

It is necessary to distribute quality content that is quick to download, with a good graphic charter and a responsive design.


Video marketing

In addition to boosting brand awareness, videos play a key role in the entire sales cycle.

Video marketing
Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing

It allows companies and businessmen to promote their products and services by seeking business partners.


Influence Mktg

It is the new digital trend. It is indispensable in a communication strategy.

Influence Mktg

Our skills and web tools for your web projects

Managing ambitious and technical web projects


E-reputation: let's take care of your online image!

Professional e-reputation agency

A company must have a good reputation if it wants to be successful with its web strategy. Thanks to the intervention of an e-reputation agency, Internet users will be reassured by discovering the efficiency of a company. The presence of many positive comments and the absence of negative comments about a product, brand or service will reassure potential customers.

By effectively managing a company’s e-reputation, it encourages consumers to take an interest in your offers instead of favouring competing companies. The e-reputation agency adapts to the online image and communication needs of its customers.